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Meet Mia!

Mia's 9th birthday was April 25th. She decided to hold off on her birthday celebration until the new Sky Zone opened up. Every year Mia chooses a charity to donate to instead of recieving presents. In the past she has donated to Mini O'Bierne Crisis Nursery, Operation Gratitude, and APL. This year she specifically wanted to " give to cats needing a home". Thanks to fellow volunteer Jo Johnson, Mia learned of us and was quick to agree to make us her choice this year.


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Meet Lydia!

Lydia had a birthday party on July 29th, but instead of gifts she asked her friends and family to bring donations for the Ranch kitties! Approximaely 15 people brought goodies for the fur babies. A large donation of food (both wet & dry), litter, treats, food dishes, office supplies, and much more were given. We met the Megginson family this Spring, when volunteer/foster Crystal Hills took a couple stray kittens that the Megginson family found. As a way to say THANKS to the Ranch for taking the kittens, Lydia decided she wanted to give back somehow. That's when she had the idea to have her party guests bring donations. She wanted the kitties to "grow big and strong", and with their generous donations that is exactly what will happen!






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Meet Ariel & Melody!

Ariel is home from college from Purdue for the summer. Her and and her sister Melody were looking for volunteer opportunities to get out of the house. They did some research and knew they wanted to do something with animals. A few places they contacted would not allow Melody to help due to her age. The girls contacted Patty our Volunteer Coordinator and came out to our Cat Ranch for training. They have been coming out twice a week since, as well as helping volunteer at our Petsmart adoptions on the weekends. Things they do to help at our cat ranch are cleaning, socializing, playing or brushing cats. Their Mom has also come out a few times to help because the girls talk about it so often. She decided she needed to meet the cats herself and see what they were doing! We appreciate all your help Ariel and Melody!

If you or your family would be interested in volunteering please email us. It's a great opportunity and cats will love you for it! 




According the the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a volunteer is a person who voluntarily undertakes or expresses a willingness to undertake a service. Forever Home Feline Ranch is a strictly volunteer organization. We don't have any paid staff. We survive and rely on our volunteers. In fact, we are proud of our volunteers and all they have done to help out the cats! We wouldn't be where we are today without our volunteers.

Forever Home Feline Ranch needs your help! Would you like to make a difference in the community and the life of the cats? Help is needed in the following areas:

• Sewing cat mats, dog mats and cat toys
• Offsite adoptions
• Grant writing
• Assisting with fundraisers
• Distributing flyers
• Getting the word out
• Marketing
• Capital Campaign Fund

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer call Patty at 217-341-6137 or send an email to

Please fill out a volunteer application - download application here

Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on
FOSTERS, please contact us through this email:


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