Item Name Price
The Child cup coozies
Crochet Coasters
Christmas Cats ornaments
If I Fits coaster set
Lap blankets
Kicker Sticks
Crinkle Cave
Sleep Masks
Glasses PURRtectors
Lip Balm holder
Tapawstry Purse
Laurel Birch print purse with coin purse
XL cat tote
XL cat tote with outer pocket
Black cat print purse with matching coin purse

  All of our items are handmade by volunteers with donated supplies, or donated items paid for by sponsors. No money was used by the Ranch, meaning ALL funds produced from sales go right back to the kitties. These funds help pay for food, litter, supplies, and medical attention for all of the cats in our care. 


Delivery/pickup for Springfield area by our volunteers, or shipping is available as requested. Purchaser pays for shipping fee. 

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